Spatial zones for the office of the future.

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Spaces for undisturbed retreat and focus on individual tasks.
Spaces that support togetherness and a common basis.
Spaces for working together to develop concepts and solutions.
Spaces for meetings that promote the planned exchange of knowledge.
Spaces as meeting places for informal conversations with colleagues and customers.
Spaces for non-work-related exchanges that strengthen cohesion and the “we” feeling.

The future requires space.

There’s no doubt about it: the world of work has been in a state of upheaval for years. It’s already clear: once the pandemic comes to an end, we will see things differently. So the question remains: how will we work in the future? The office of tomorrow will not be about replacing workspaces or reducing floor area. More than ever, we will need workspaces in the future that don’t simply provide us with a place where we can sit at our desks. The result is a hybrid working environment with varied features and an inviting atmosphere.

At best, users can decide for themselves how to employ the individual areas for specific activities. This allows for flexible usage – whether for concentrated work alone or in pairs or for co-creation and communicative meetings within a team. Room size, surfaces, materials, furniture – each zone here has been individually designed and equipped, and can flexibly adapt to changing requirements. Incidentally, this does not mean that it requires more floor area. On the contrary: space is apportioned according to the activity of the moment, which results in even more efficient usage.

This illustrates how making an office ready for the future does not require new premises, but simply a new perspective. With an individual interior concept and the right partitions, practically any office can be transformed into a working landscape. We are happy to accompany your individual project as office planners with our team of consultants and interior designers. Always based on your needs and characterised by the highest-possible quality, functionality and reliability – and that for over 125 years.

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We are at your service.
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