The five spatial zones.

An ideal working environment promotes well-being, movement and togetherness.

Explore zones
Spaces that promote the planned exchange of knowledge.
Spaces into which employees can withdraw and concentrate on individual tasks.
Spaces that support togetherness and a common basis.
Spaces as meeting places for informal conversations with colleagues and customers.
Spaces that calm and inspire innovation.

The future requires space.

The world of work is changing all over the world, and with it the demands as regards office culture and design. Our aim is to pick up on trends and pass on ideas that will stimulate companies, experts and employees.Together we develop inspiring and future-oriented working landscapes with different spatial zones. Places of concentration, appreciation and well-being. Always based on your needs and characterised by the highest-possible quality, functionality and reliability – and that for over 125 years.

Our services. Joint steps to a new office.

Allow us with ingenuity and skill to create new forms of working and to design your individual office of the future. We will support and accompany you with our enthusiasm and our experience, meaning that we always keep in mind the bigger picture and an eye on every single detail.

  • To understand together what is needed. The beginning of our collaboration is the actual state, the assessment of the current situation. Your experience is the basis of our advice. That’s why we take the time to get to know your company and your goals in online surveys and workshops.

    • Kick-off meeting with decision-makers
    • Get to know the corporate culture
    • Define project goals and requirements in workshops
    • Involving multipliers
    • Interviews and questionnaires
    • Actual state
    • „Office of the future“ input
    • Set budget and schedule
    • Inspiration through brand and reference visits
  • Efficient zoning planning forms the basis of a well-conceived spatial concept. We optimize your office space taking into account the processes and business goals.

    • Determine spatial requirement
    • Allocate space
    • Define relationships
    • Develop spatial concept
    • Room divisions/partition walls
    • Define spatial zones
    • Define modules and workplace types
    • Lighting and acoustics
    • Clarify interfaces to electrical and media technology
    • Cost estimate
  • With feco you can rely on unlimited future security. Each year we develop new system-integrated solutions – from the optimisation and enhancement of existing products to completely new designs.

    The implementation of the wishes of the market is just as important as consideration of the current requirements for fire protection, sound insulation, sound absorption, statics or air ducting. The feco partition wall system combines continuity and innovation so that you feel comfortable in your spaces.

  • Careful execution planning is the key to the success of spatial concepts. You can rely on our experienced consultants. The spatial concepts are specifically created in the form of a furniture plan. This includes product selection and presentation as well as surface and material consulting. The final plan includes the workplace types developed for your user profiles.

    • Occupancy planning
    • Furniture planning
    • Consideration of standards and workplace guidelines
    • Material and surface
    • Works and execution planning
    • Planning approval
    • Cost calculation
    • Product selection and configuration
    • Sampling
    • Binding offer
    • Order clarification
  • We know the product we supply down to the finest detail. All the wall elements are manufactured in our plant. In addition, you benefit from our skill in real-wood veneer processing – veneer processing of exceptional quality is self-evident for us. We pay particular attention to our high vertical integration, because it guarantees our products meet the quality standards that we have set for them. An example of this are our double-glazed wall elements, which are only delivered on-site after mechanical factory cleaning.

    • 6.000 m² production area – wood processing
    • CNC-controlled horizontal panel-cutting saw
    • Double-sided sizing and edge processing machine
    • 4-axis CNC wood machining centre
    • 5-axis CNC wood machining centre
    • Veneer/joint bonding machine
    • Veneer through-feed press
    • Veneer and paint sanding machines
    • Coating line for UV roller coatings
    • 2.000 m² production area for glass/aluminium processing
    • 4-axis CNC aluminium rod machining centre
    • 4-axis CNC aluminium rod machining centre
    • Mitre/corner connection presses
    • Automatic glass-pane washing system
    • 2K structural-glazing bonding machine
  • Smooth processes are based on sophisticated logistics. This is something you will notice immediately during execution of your order. Precise planning saves time and money, as well as nerves. We inform you well in advance about delivery dates and assembly so that you can adjust your processes accordingly. On site we leave nothing to chance, because our trained teams know exactly what needs to be done, allowing you to carry on working with peace of mind.

    • Order processing
    • Project management
    • Logistics planning Delivery and assembly
    • Acceptance and handover
    • Instruction and care

We are at your service.
+49 721 6289-300

We are at your service.
+49 721 6289-300

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