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The IT services company in Bucharest implements the concept of the five spatial zones to perfection. There are teamwork areas in the central zones as well as rooms for communication and inspiration. In addition, there are rooms for concentrated work, meeting rooms and team workplaces created using our transparent glass partition walls fecoplan Rw,p= 42 dB with fecotür A40 aluminium-frame glass door elements, which are flush on the room side and achieve a sound insulation test value of Rw,p= 37 dB. The colourful design of the walls with abstract, geometrically-shaped graphics, coordinated with the subtle colours of the furniture, reflects the innovativeness and uniqueness of the company and at the same time creates points of orientation and identification.
IT Services Company, Bucharest
IT Services Company, Bucharest
feco-Partner COS, Corporate Office Solutions, Bucharest, Romania
Partition walls
fecoplan, fecotür glass
Nikolay Kazakov

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We are at your service.
+49 721 6289-0

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