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Welcome to feco-forum – our showroom in Karlsruhe

Every good space invites communication and allows people to approach each other. The feco-forum is precisely such a space. It is designed as a marketplace for architects, planners, builders, investors and users in search of the right spatial solution. This is where new ideas are born and old ideas are questioned.

The showroom on the ground floor and first floor link up the exhibition of the business divisions system partition walls and office furniture. On the second floor, in the office landscape called “IdeenReich”, visitors can experience feco products and office furniture in practice. The third floor, called HimmelReich, serves employees and visitors not only as a lounge and café, but is also used for events.

Even from the outside, the feco-forum Karlsruhe makes a mark with its architecture: the black aluminum facade lends presence and, in the entrance area, meets the material wood, which takes into account the origin of our company. The award-winning feco-forum was designed by LRO Lederer Ragnarsdóttir Oei, Stuttgart.

The feco-forum as an inspiration for architects

Experience our partition wall system and brand diversity in over 3,500 m2 of exhibition space.
The heart of our own offices: the feco working landscape.
In the feco-forum lounge we combine encounters and heavenly pleasures.

The showroom at the feco-forum.

Experience our brand diversity on over 3,500 m2 of exhibition space. We know our products inside out, because we work on and with them every day. But even more important is the time we take for your wishes. With attention to detail and an eye for the bigger picture, we create a working environment that suits you. The basis of our consultancy work comprises professional competence, experience, reliability and the will to satisfy our customers. This can be seen in our realisation of future-oriented projects.

The showroom is also the workspace for our employees in Karlsruhe and our venue for events such as Dialogue in the forum, in which we take up knowledge and design ideas and send out signals.This is where energy is released for concepts that will shape the way we work tomorrow.

Virtual 360° tour of the feco forum

With a high-resolution interior view of our showroom, we are always there for you, even outside of opening hours. Enjoy a view in all directions with the virtual 360° panorama and get to know our partition wall system and brand partner for office furniture better.

Our top brands


IdeenReich at the feco-forum

We especially promote agile work in our IdeenReich. Here, fast knowledge transfer, creative togetherness and relaxation all take place in different spatial zones. We test innovative furnishing trends and new forms of working ourselves. This is the heart of our own office space along the concept of the five spatial zones teamwork, intensive knowledge transfer, information exchange, concentration and relaxation.

With the IdeenReich, feco has realized a team- and communication-oriented room concept, showing the potential of the acoustic and partition wall system as well as the office furnishing. The result is a workspace that offers maximum openness and at the same time enables withdrawal. The two positions communication and concentration could be realized through the spatial zoning, the sensible arrangement of the partitions and acoustic elements and through the choice of materials and furniture. Experience tomorrow’ world of work today on a visit to the IdeenReich of feco-forum.

HimmelReich at the feco-forum

In the feco-forum we like to invite guests to ascend to our HimmelReich. There is our lounge where we combine encounters, discussions and heavenly pleasures. There the company restaurant strives to preserve the regional cuisine with local products as the seasons change, providing our staff with a relaxed atmosphere for lunch.

The green roof terrace rewards with good views to the Turmberg, the local mountain of the Karlsruhe district Durlach. In this outdoor area we present you outdoor office furniture in a suitable environment.

The HimmelReich event room hosts internal workshops in anticipating issues and trends and in the further development of products, environmental standards and processes. Trainings and events with our brand partners complete the versatile uses.

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We are at your service.

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