Sparkasse Karlsruhe House C

Proximity to the customer and the bringing together of employees were the key factors in Sparkasse's decision to renovate its Karlsruhe headquarters in the city centre. feco contributed to the transformation process in several construction phases. As the competition winner for the third construction phase of Haus C, Karlsruhe-based architectural office Baurmann Dürr was commissioned with the design of the facade, which was intended to be a highlight in the city centre and also optimally meet the functional requirements.
Sparkasse Karlsruhe
Sparkasse Karlsruhe
baurmann.dürr architekten, Karlsruhe
Banks, Insurance companies
Partition walls
fecofix, fecotür wood, fecotür glass
Nikolay Kazakov
feco, Brunner, Vitra

As in the two previous construction phases, feco-feederle secured the contract for the supply and installation of the system partition walls due to it being the most economical supplier, and also because of the company’s impressive workmanship and processing reliability. Sparkasse also appreciated the non-destructive mobility of the walls. By carrying out the conversion work within the existing building, the bank is flexibly reacting to changing requirements and reusing existing elements. With its good sound insulation, fecofix flush-mounted double glazing enables both confidentiality and transparency. Wall-flush skirting boards were covered with E6/EV1 anodised aluminium to match the frame profile surface. The doors are flush-mounted H70 wooden door elements with an oak decor surface on the corridor side, while frameless glued fecofix glass corners serve as special design highlights. The kitchenettes as communicative meeting points are fitted with sliding glass doors. feco  has also developed a furnishing concept for the lounge zones and communication zones, with Vitra Alcove sofas offering visual and acoustic shielding for discretion and retreat purposes. Inside Haus C, attractive, sustainable workplaces have been created in the city centre for an additional 130 employees, thereby underlining Sparkasse’s commitment to maintaining its liveliness.

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