General Atlantic

The globally-active financial investor General Atlantic has moved its German headquarters from Düsseldorf to Munich. Together with our feco partner S+W BüroRaumKultur, the Munich-based architectural office Drexler has developed a sustainable working world that promotes communication and meets representative demands. Flush fecostruct glass walls with black powder-coated profiles and black bonding convey transparency and create an attractive daylight and exterior reference in the middle zone, while the good sound insulation of the 105-mm-thick structural double-glazing guarantees the necessary privacy.
General Atlantic, Munich
General Atlantic, Munich
Partition walls
fecostruct, fecotür glass
Nikolay Kazakov

The flush, highly sound-absorbing fecotür S105 glass doors with a sound insulation test value of R w,P = 42 dB on both sides in particular, with their opaque, black glass printing on the back and concealed frames, determine the high-quality appearance of the system partition walls. The existing reinforced concrete supporting structure also disappears behind solid wall panels covered with black glass. A total of thirteen workstations and two conference rooms for eight and twelve participants have been realised. The cleverly-placed central zone with a meeting room and a kitchenette as an informal meeting place is situated as a filter between the conference room access area and the offices. The fecostruct glazing ensures attractive lighting of the customer corridor and interesting insights and views. Together with the premium-quality vitra, Walter Knoll, Muuto and other brand furniture, an exclusive ambience has been created for the private equity investor in the Luitpoldblock building in Munich city centre.

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