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A change of direction for the digital tax-accounting firm

Modern, personal, reliable – that's what the three BSHR tax consultants Andreas Hettel, Patric Roth and Manuel Vogel stand for. BSHR provides tax advice to commercial, freelance and private clients in Karlsruhe and the surrounding region, and not only wants to save them money, but also and above all to increase their commercial growth and improve their quality of life. To better able to meet this aim, in 2021 the entire law firm moved to a sustainably designed office building in Ettlingen. Inside, a modern work environment has been created that represents the ideal environment for the tax consultancy of tomorrow and which is fully in line with its title of „digital tax-accounting firm“.
BSHR Steuerberater Hettel Roth Vogel PartmbB, Ettlingen
Office furniture
Acoustic, Executive furniture, Lighting, Lounge, Storage elements, Workplaces
Nikolay Kazakov
Brunner, Montana, Muuto, Nimbus, ONGO, ophelis, Steelcase, Vitra, Waldmann, Walter Knoll, werner works

With a modern office concept that leaves plenty of room for individuality, the BSHR tax consultants are striking out in a new direction with their new premises – and not just for their clients. The new personal offices of the three directors with representative executive furniture from Nimbus and Vitra are as different and expressive as their individual personalities.

In the team offices in contrast, the focus is on modern functionality. Large whiteboards and pinboard surfaces create practical additional work surfaces around the desks for working in a team or alone. At each workplace there is a felt basket in which personal items can be stored. This can then be either inconspicuously pushed under the table as a drawer or taken to a meeting if necessary.

In keeping with the sustainable building and modern Scandinavian-style furniture, large glass partitions in the office spaces ensure openness and plenty of light. Openness was also the design principle when planning the entrance area, with colour-contrasted, illuminated acoustic panels zoning the counter and making the entire area seem welcoming. A small lounge with integrated power connections also creates a pleasant and practical waiting area for visitors and clients.

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We are at your service.
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