Digitalization and data exchange are important success factors for companies today. SEEBURGER AG from Bretten has been developing software for both since 1986. With more than 20 subsidiaries and branches, the company has long since grown into a group – and also "outgrown" its headquarters in Bretten. When even additional rented space proved insufficient, it started to think about a second site in Karlsruhe that would enhance the feeling of togetherness and raise SEEBURGER's profile in the technology region – especially among KIT graduates.
Seeburger AG, Bretten
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Nikolay Kazakov
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In order to create as many workplaces as possible in the limited space available, we planned various room zones for different usage contexts: for concentration, teamwork, communication, meeting and community. Functional work areas alternate with zones for formal and informal encounters. A gaming room and a break room supplement these open areas as enclosed retreat areas.

Conference islands and stand-up meeting points not only create a spatial separation between quiet and communicative work areas in the large offices, but also actively support their users in their respective activities with the appropriate furniture. Curtains and lounge corners underline this multifunctional character and give the spaces additional structure.

In keeping with the corporate image of SEEBURGER AG, the colour red runs like the proverbial red thread through all the room zones, adding eye-catching touches of colour. This contrasts with the bright furnishing concept, which creates a friendly atmosphere, and by being restrained allows employees room for creativity.

With its new location in Karlsruhe, SEEBURGER AG 2021 has created a pilot area for a future-oriented campus in Bretten, which will also in the future offer start-ups a new home.

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We are at your service.
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