Sustainability is a topic that is also becoming increasingly important in the world of work. More and more companies are paying attention to climate, environmental and sustainability aspects when constructing and equipping office buildings.
Sustainability │ good wood from sustainable forestry │ FSC and PEFC

This is an important development, as buildings are the world’s largest emitters of greenhouse gases.

As an office planner and manufacturer of system walls, we take our contribution to a liveable future very seriously. That is why we are committed to resource conservation, the conscious use of materials and responsible value chains, among other things.

Good wood from sustainable forestry

One of our most important materials is wood. Wood is versatile, has a long life and enhances the indoor environment with its natural look and feel.

Each year we process large quantities of wood for our system walls and doors. Careful handling of the valuable raw material is accordingly important to us:

Depending on the project, we use wood materials from sustainable forestry. Since 2015 we as a company have been FSC® and PEFC certified. Certification enables us to demonstrate the use of wood-based materials sourced from sustainably managed forests throughout the entire manufacturing process (CoC, Chain of Custody). Our licence codes are: FSC-C125054, PEFC/04-31-2463.

In concrete terms, this means: Our wood products with the PEFC seal demonstrably originate from ecologically, economically and socially sustainable forestry. With globally valid environmental and social standards, FSC® is considered the most credible solution for sustainable forest management.

Implement sustainability certification of buildings with feco

With our feco system walls, we have already contributed to the successful sustainability certification of numerous projects by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) and its US counterpart LEED.

The factors for building certifications are becoming increasingly diverse. The criteria start with the origin and production of materials, and extend from the building’s exterior envelope through to the tiniest details inside, such as the recyclability of fixtures.

Our projects for Harvard University Science and Engineering Complex, Deutsche Börse headquarters, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Microsoft Germany headquarters, and the Merck Innovation Center in Darmstadt all received the highest Platinum award.


Sustainability begins with ourselves

For us, however, sustainability is not only measured by certificates, but above all by how we ourselves deal with this issue at our Karlsruhe site and within our supply chains.

What feco contributes to environmental and climate protection:

Resource-efficient heating
We feed our heating system in the Karlsruhe production facility with waste wood from our chip silo. We operate a geothermal plant for the feco-forum.

Efficient logistics and transport
We deliver our products with our own trucks and take back pallets and packaging material to reuse them.

Flexible, durable, recyclable system partition walls
Our system partition walls are basically non-destructively relocatable, can be dismantled according to type and are recyclable.

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We are at your service.
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