Organizability - Walls become furniture

Wall-flush-mounted aluminium transverse joint profiles or system-integrated slotted uprights allow for horizontal or vertical organization of the system wall. Numerous, tool-free mountable elements, such as shelves and whiteboards are available from fecoorga for individual wall organization.

Writable and pinnable wall surfaces turn the system wall into a tool for agile working methods such as Scrum, Kanban or Design Thinking.

System-integrated wall organisation

Horizontal organization with aluminium crosssection profiles for hanging in, flush mounted into the wall planking

Vertical organisation with slotted upright substructure, suspension slits with 32 mm spacing in the 6 mm modular joints

Structural certification for wall loading

Wall thickness of 105 mm is upheld

Moveable modular wall unit in endless construction

Optionally as cabinet placed in front of a wall or as room-dividing cabinet

Cabinet sides with perforated lines at height grid of 32 mm

Full-metal lock with three-point locking, full-length 8 mm espagnolette with rotating handles Drehstange und Dreholive

Corpus and fronts from three-layered quality chipboard

Corpus surfaces finished with direct melamine resin coating, white

Front surfaces finished with direct melamine resin coating, laminate, real wood veneer or varnish

Identical detailing as compared to modular partition wall

Sound insulation test results for room divider Rw,P = 35 dB up to 45 dB

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We are at your service.

+49 721 6289-0

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