Headquarter Volocopter

Headquarter Volocopter, Bruchsal

Taking to the air in Germany isn't easy. But air taxi pioneer Volocopter, based in Bruchsal but with additional sites in Munich and Singapore, is doing it anyway. Since Volocopter was founded in 2011 as a three-man operation, it has grown into a company with over 500 employees.
Volocopter GmbH, Bruchsal
Volocopter GmbH, Bruchsal
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Nikolay Kazakov, Volocopter

The vision and technology that the young aviation company is using to build the world’s first sustainable urban air mobility business is attractive to many potential workers. Last year alone, more than 38,000 people applied to work for it.The challenge when it came to the expansion of its office in Bruchsal’s TRIWO Technopark, which we tackled together, was:
How do we cope with the rapid growth in the number of employees, the company’s increasingly global orientation and the parallel changes in the way we work?

The solution is a workstation with the desk-sharing principle: The company’s employees do not have a fixed desk. Instead, they reserve a place when they need it through an online booking system. Based on this principle, 90 new workplaces have been created, which can now be used in a cost- and resource-efficient manner.

The flexible office work organisational method is designed for rapid growth – and responds to the new forms of work of working from home and remote working. The workplaces are all equipped in the same way, with height-adjustable desks and office chairs allowing for individual comfort. Space for personal items is available in lockers as well as felt baskets that can be hung under any desk top. Two divided room zones create additional structure for concentrated work on the one hand and team collaboration on the other.

Meanwhile, the air-mobility pioneer has no less than eleven sites in and around Bruchsal, and the expansion of a new test hangar, further test laboratories and production facilities is underway.
It was therefore important to create an office complex that corresponds to the meaningful corporate design, corporate identity and vision:
At Volocopter, groundbreaking technology meets elegant aesthetics, ease of flight meets the highest safety requirements, and mobility meets a strong foundation.

For example, the flooring, the office swivel chairs and the acoustic absorbers between the workstations are all in Volocopter’s corporate blue colour. At Volocopter, a working area has emerged that is flexible and at the same time creates identity. The best-possible conditions for sustainable growth.

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