Stadttor Ost

Corporate Business Solutions GmbH (cbs) has reacted to its ongoing strong growth by moving into the Stadttor Ost in Rudolf-Diesel-Straße at the corner of Speyrer Straße. cbs supports globally-active industrial groups with SAP digital transformation, and the size of the company's workforce has more than doubled in the last five years. The new headquarters brings together employees who were previously spread across two locations.
Corporate Business Solutions GmbH (cbs)
cbs, Heidelberg
Partition walls
fecoplan, fecotür wood, fecophon fabric
Nikolay Kazakov

The passive building designed by Kolb und Partner from Dieburg has five floors totalling 5,600 m² and is able to accommodate 450 employees with additional space available for further expansion. Darmstadt-based architectural office ruby³ developed a sustainable office landscape for cbs. cbs Managing Director Sulovsky says: “This attractive building will serve to promote cbs and attract future employees to the company.”

Transparency and communication were achieved with the fecoplan all-glass construction. Meeting rooms and individual offices zone the open, communicative office landscape. The fecoplan glass corridor walls are supplemented with fabric-covered, acoustically-effective absorbers. The think tanks with curved, coloured glass elements placed in the middle zones offer temporary retreat areas from the team area. At the same time, they form an attractive landmark in the office landscape. The combination of open team work areas with spaces for concentrated intellectual activities as well as meeting rooms and inspiration zones has created a sustainable agile office landscape in which work tasks of increasing complexity can be solved together.

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We are at your service.
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