At ORGATEC 2018 in Cologne, office furniture manufacturer ophelis showcased feco Systeme's partition wall system. feco Systeme's sister company, feco-feederle, as an office furniture retailer also offers office furniture from ophelis. The companies all have in common high quality standards and the development of object-specific solutions in cooperation with architects.
feco Systeme GmbH
feco Systeme GmbH
Partition walls
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Nikolay Kazakov

The conference room, designed to be transparent on three sides with the support-free fecoplan all-glass construction, was characterised by two curved glass elements with a radius of 50 cm. The corridor glass wall and the two quadrant-shaped glass elements formed “pink glasses”.
To optimise the room acoustics, two fabric-covered, highly effective fecophon absorber elements were hung in front of the glass. These could also be used as magnet boards. The closed U-shaped fecowand solid walls made of dyed-black, transparently-coated MDF were horizontally slit on the room side in a 14/2 mm grid to render them acoustically effective. In the 105-mm-thick wall, a flush-mounted, frameless fecostruct structural glazing element with a black powder-coated aluminium profile and a 20-mm-thin black adhesive edge was integrated on the door side. Opposite, flush-mounted fecofix double glazing with an all-round 20-mm-thin, black powder-coated aluminium frame formed an economical alternative.
The flush-mounted H70 wooden door element with a concealed frame on the corridor side, with its visually-striking smoked oak veneer surface demonstrated the company’s high processing skill at its production site in Karlsruhe where it has its own veneer processing unit.

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