The Vitra Coworking-Space at the ZKM

Rooms become stimulators of new viewpoints.

New prospects: The co-working trend offers space beyond day-to-day business and outside familiar environments for breaking new ground. Not next to each other but with one another – this is the underlying principle. Rooms and their furnishings become stimulators of new viewpoints. And by sending entire teams into such environments, creative processes are promoted and familiar role models and existing hierarchies in the company relativized in favour of good cooperation.
ZKM | Center for Art an Media
ZKM | Center for Art an Media
Vitra, feco
Office furniture
Acoustic, Cafeteria, Lighting, Lounge, meeting, Storage elements
Nikolay Kazakov

From 2017 to 2019 the exhibition „Open Codes. The world as a data field“ at the ZKM│Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe invited visitors to explore the digital world and offered a unique mixture of laboratory and lounge, learning environment and „Club Méditerranée“. Together with our brand partner Vitra, we fitted out a co-working space here with office furniture and thus created a special kind of knowledge platform. Surrounded by exhibits, visitors can sit, work or linger on design classics and new designs. Free admission, free fruit, free drinks, free thoughts, free WiFi, free electricity – the interest it has generated has been so great that the exhibition has been extended twice.

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We are at your service.
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