ErlebnisReich in feco-forum

Future-proof office spaces offer their users freedom. If the interplay between home and office-based work is successful, the result is ideal environments for agile working. Based on this template, feco developed inside its feco-forum exhibition building the ErlebnisReich as a hybrid working environment with both experience and amenity quality. Depending on the activity, users can choose the appropriate rooms and zones for concentration, co-creation, teamwork, meetings, communication or community.
Partition walls
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New area perspectives

A flexible room design by no means entails more space. Space can even be used more efficiently by dividing it up according to activity. The ErlebnisReich is based on a typical office floor plan with axes in a 1.35 m grid. The special layout with feco partition walls pushes the boundaries of what has been usual up to now.

Where conventional offices would create 12 workstations in six double offices on this space, the ErlebnisReich distributes them over two large team areas with six workstations each. In addition, five further rooms for individual, tandem and team work have been created. Conclusion: Making an office fit for the future does not require new premises, but a new perspective. With an adaptable room concept and the right partition walls, any office can therefore be transformed into an agile working environment. The design of the working landscape in the feco-forum is inspired by mountains. Work becomes an experience and is worth going to the office for.

Location of the project

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We are at your service.
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