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Solid wall fecowand.

Flexible for the future – relocatable without material loss.

The origin of the feco partition wall system is the non-destructively moveable fecowand solid wall with a modular or planning-grid design. As a flexible room partition wall, it can be dismantled and reassembled while reusing all the materials, and thus meets high sustainability requirements. In view of this flexibility, the melamine resin direct-coated wooden partition wall represents a long-term economical solution.

Top-class visually-striking real-wood veneers and more.

The processing of top-class real wood veneers in our own production facilities ensures that the veneered walls are visually striking.

However, decorative surfaces made of HPL/CPL laminate or melamine resin direct coating are also used for the creative design of the offices of renowned architecture and interior-design firms. The room partitions with textile surfaces made of fabric or felt create a homely character, while covering the element walls with powder-coated sheet-steel or glass surfaces with opaque printing on the back enables them to be used as whiteboards.

Solid wall fecoorga.

Organisability – the wall becomes furniture.

System-integrated shelf supports and horizontal aluminium orga-profiles allow the system wall to be organised either vertically or horizontally, while numerous flexible, tool-free elements such as shelves and whiteboards are available for wall organisation purposes. With writeable and pinnable wall surfaces, the fecoorga element wall becomes a tool for agile working methods such as Scrum, Kanban and Design Thinking.

Inner connection – wall shell and partition wall uprights.

The feco system partition wall convinces with its high workmanship quality. Steel retaining strips applied to the rear of the 19-mm wall shells at the factory create a linear connection with the upright profiles and ensure 6-mm system joints as standard.

Solid wall fecoair.

A great climate in sustainable buildings thanks to fecoair.

Sustainably-planned office, administration and school buildings often use concrete core tempered reinforced-concrete ceilings. As no suspended ceiling is available, the air exchange between the office and corridor is carried out via wall-integrated air overflow elements. With our fecoair air overflow elements we offer a powerful system solution that enables a good indoor climate with high sound insulation. The dimensions can be project-specific, so that light switches and sockets between the overflow elements are able to be taken into account.

Proven sound insulation and fire protection.

The solid wall meets fire protection requirements up to F90. F30 and F90 partition-wall test certificates are available.

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