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feco door elements are as varied as the entire feco product range. Whether made from wood, glass or as framed door – it is guaranteed that you find the right one. And the best thing is: The possible combinations are almost unlimited. It’s your choice. For example a fecostruct door with a fecofix glazing. Whatever your requirement, feco makes it possible. Of course the doors abide by what you expect of the walls: first-class quality down to the last detail and highest acoustic quality. All officially approved with certification. Please come in.

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System door elements for feco system partition walls

Glass door elements G10, A40, A70, A85, S70, S85 or S105

Glass sliding-door elements ST10 or ST10B

Versions door-high or ceiling-high

Steel or aluminium frames with glass door leaves

Frame thickness 105 mm, flush-mounted with solid wall and glass elements (fecoplan 70 mm)

With steel frames – welded and sanded mitre corners, with aluminium frames – connected with form-fit or force-locking 3D clamping angles

Three-dimensional adjustable hinge base

Welded door seals in the mitre corners

Object-specific door fittings in aluminium or stainless steel

Sound absorption test certificates for complete, accessible door elements

Framed door leaves with supporting frames of extruded aluminium profiles and frontally flush-recessed fittings

Structural glazing door leaf S105 with real oak veneer on the profiles in the space between glass panes

Sound-insulation test values Rw,P = 17 dB to 42 dB

We are at your service.

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We are at your service.

+49 721 6289-0

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