The all-glass construction with system

Held in place only at floor and ceiling by slim aluminium profiles, the glass panes are vertically bonded with frameless transparency and are even reversible.
50 mm high connecting profiles enable the accommodation of construction tolerances and create a stable connection. Built to match: The T70 system door frame with integrated glass fixture. Uniquely with frame-integrated, aluminium door side-parts for accommodation of electrical installations and room signage.

Maximum transparency

The upright-free fecoplan glass wall offers maximum transparency. The joints of the all-glasspartitionsystem are provided with translucent glass tape with passivated front edges in dry bonding technology. This ensures uniform jointquality. Even better, all glass construction becomes an un- and remountable systempartition wall solution.

Central single-pane glazing as upright-free all-glass construction

Wall thickness 35 mm

Aluminium glass-retaining profiles with a mere 50 mm facing width at floor and ceiling

Glass inset 15-25 mm according to DIN 18008

Surfaces available anodized aluminium natural or powder-coated in a popular RAL color

Glass butt-joints in translucent dry bonding with passivated front edges

Aluminium-door frame tapered to 70 mm with integrated glass fixture

Design possible as fall-protection glazing

Sound insulation test certificates for glass wall Rw,P = 35 dB up to 42 dB

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We are at your service.

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