Microsoft Germany‘s headquarters

By moving into its new German headquarters in Schwabing, Microsoft has launched a new chapter in its innovation culture. System glass walls and doors from feco are part of the Smart Workspace concept. Together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO, Microsoft has developed a spatial and furnishings concept which, as an open office structure, can meet different work requirements. For its 1900 employees at the Munich site, Microsoft has developed the idea of the „Work-Life-Flow“. The company is allowing workers to shape their own working day with smooth transitions between work and private life.
Microsoft Germany‘s headquarters
GSP Architekten, Munich
LEED gold
Partition walls
fecofix, fecotür glass

For the glass walls of the Think, Share and Discuss workspaces, feco has developed flush glass door elements with a sound insulation test value of Rw,P = 42 dB on the corridor side. With a sound insulation test value of Rw,P = 47 dB, the fecofix glass elements meet the highest sound requirements and create discretion for focused work and confidential telephone conversations. On the ground floor, feco has also realised the fecofix glass elements as an F30 glass wall with fire protection glazing in the centre of the axis and room heights of up to 3.35 metres. The highest-possible sound insulation at Rw,P = 52 dB has been achieved through the transparent enclosure of the central Microsoft server to reduce the sound from the ventilation system.

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