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Peace and quiet for concentrated working.

Glass and concrete, which are extensively used in architecture, are sound-reflecting surfaces that result in long reverberation periods in offices. In addition, component activation does not permit the installation of large-area sound-absorbing suspended ceilings. As a result, system walls with acoustically effective wall surfaces have gained enormous importance.

Slotted, perforated as well as textile absorber elements improve room acoustics. With the uniform wall thickness of 105 mm, sound-absorbing surfaces with a weighted sound absorption coefficient αw down to 0.85 and sound insulation values to Rw,P = 47 dB can be realized on one or both sides.

By reducing reverberation periods, speech intelligibility is improved. Understanding becomes easier and talking more quiet. The improved acoustics have a positive effect on productivity.

Insulate well today, work well tomorrow

fecophon wood.

Wall-integrated fecophon wood absorbers are available with melamine resin direct-coating, laminates or real wood veneers. The base board of the horizontally or vertically slotted absorbers can be selected in natural MDF or colored through in black to match the surface.


fecophon fabric.

The fecophon fabric acoustic elements with object fabrics or pinnable acoustic needle felt create a cozy atmosphere.

fecophon metal.

fecophon metal sheet-steel absorbers with perforated surfaces can also be used as magnetic surfaces.

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