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Acoustics by feco.

Peace and quiet for concentrated work.

Due to the omission of suspended ceilings in sustainably-planned office, administration and school buildings with concrete core temperature control ceilings, the acoustically-effective wall surfaces of system partition walls have gained enormously in importance. A wide variety of porous absorbers ensure peace and quiet in the office, with perforated, slotted and micro-perforated wall surfaces improving the room acoustics. By reducing the reverberation times, speech intelligibility is improved, facilitating communication and lessening the need to speak loudly. The improved acoustics have a positive effect on productivity.

Insulate well today, work well tomorrow

fecophon wood.

Wall-integrated absorbers fecophon wood are possible with one-colour decor or real-wood veneer surfaces. The base panel of the horizontally- or vertically-slotted fecophon absorbers can be natural MDF or dyed black to match the surface.


fecophon metal.

The combination of glass sound shields to prevent sound propagation with curtain-type absorbers allows open office concepts to be realised in which doors can be largely dispensed with. Sheet-steel absorbers fecophon metal with perforated surfaces can also be used as magnetic surfaces.

fecophon fabric.

Fabric-covered metal absorbers fecophon fabric also offer this benefit and convey a homely atmosphere with calming surfaces.

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