Sparkasse Ulm, Haus West

Reduced appearance with flush system walls

Materiality, a reduced appearance and flush surfaces were an essential design feature for the architects. The solid walls and the door elements with concealed aluminium frames are flush with the floor.
Sparkasse Ulm, Haus West
LRO Lederer Ragnarsdóttir Oei, Stuttgart
Banks, Insurance companies
Nikolay Kazakov

To allow natural light to enter the office corridors, the fecowand solid wall is equipped with fecostruct frameless skylight glazing, flush with the surface on both sides, using the structural glazing method. The continuous glass ribbon visually detaches the non-load-bearing office partition walls from the concrete-core tempered reinforced ceiling. For sound absorption, the solid walls in the offices are equipped with fecophon acoustic elements comprising 19-millimetre-thick MDF panels with horizontal slits 14/2 (two millimetre slit and 14 millimetre bar) for acoustic effectiveness.

The air is conducted between the offices and corridors with the wall-integrated fecoair overflow elements. In order to indicate that the meeting rooms are occupied, the outflow openings can be illuminated in red.

Location of the project

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We are at your service.
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