feco-partition wall systems offer a wide variety of  room solutions

fecopartition wall systems are as individual as your project.

System partition walls are lightweight, non-load-bearing,  unitized and removable interior walls with closed and  transparent surfaces made of wood, glass and metal. They consist of a metal substructure and two-sided cladding with intermediate insulation as well as glazings and doors. The wall elements are prefabricated building-specific at the factory and assembled on site in short, clean assembly processes.

Highest requirements fulfilled

feco system walls meet the highest construction-related requirements in terms of sound insulation, sound absorption, fire protection and statics. Add to this, the  wide-ranging design options. In addition to a wide variety of surfaces, the feco system offers a wide range of glazing constructions for every requirement and every taste.

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Relocatability and adaptability

The great advantage of the system walls is their relocatability. In conjunction with an element system  matched to the building grid, rooms can be subsequently adapted to requirements, walls installed and removed or doors exchanged for wall elements. If required, even during ongoing business operation. These points are exactly what make the walls sustainable systems that protect the environment. The additional investment compared to drywall walls usually pays for itself with the first conversion measure.

Wide range of design options

The partition wall elements – whether solid wall, glazing or door units – all have a basic wall thickness of 105 mm.  Door and glass frames are face-flush with the closed wall elements and separated by 6 mm shadow joints. The only exceptions to this wall thickness are the fecoplan all-glass structures and the special design variants with wall thicknesses of 125 mm and 175 mm respectively for exceptional static and acoustic requirements.

All fastenings are concealed as standard. Screw connections or other point connections are not visible, neither in the closed wall elements nor in glass walls. Connections to the floor, wall and ceiling have recessed shadow joints. The ceiling connection has a standard telescopic design to accommodate construction tolerances and structural movements.

As a CoC-certified company, feco can offer the planking of the fecowall solid wall from its own production with wood materials from sustainable forestry with FSC® or PEFC certification.

In the fecowall Blue version, the solid wall is available with melamine resin or laminate surfaces with the DE-UZ 176 Blue Angel eco-label.

More about fecowall blue

Flexible partition wall system as solid wall

Wall thickness 105 mm, in special design variant 125-175 mm

6 mm slim shadow joint between the elements

Concealed fixing of all wall elements

Cladding made of wooden materials, generally three-layer particle board (for EI90/F90 gypsum particleboards)

Surface as melamine resin direct-coating as standard, laminates optional, real wood veneers, paint finishing, object-specific fabric or metal cases

Insulation from mineral fiber with high biosolubility

Sub-construction made of steel system profiles

Recessed connections at floor, wall and ceiling

integrated negative skirting, no skirting strips required

Floating ceiling connection as standard

High level of factory prefabrication for short assembly times

Exceptionally high sound insulation due to feco clamping system with continuous clips rails

Sound-insulation test values for solid wall Rw,P = 47 dB to 52 dB

Fire protection solid wall EI30/F30 to W x H = 1,350 x 4,000 mm

Fire protection solid wall EI90/F90 to W x H = 1,250 x 3,000 mm

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We are at your service.

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