Wall-integrated air-passage elements

In sustainably-planned office and administration buildings, the use of component-activated concrete ceilings means that no suspended ceiling is available for the ventilation ducting. Wall-integrated fecoair overflow elements enable air exchange between the room and corridor.

The overflow elements are manufactured in different widths and heights and installed in fecowand 105mm-thick solid-wall elements, thereby enabling the integration of switches and sockets. Horizontal installation, for example in a door top-panel, is also possible.

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Product attributes

  • Building-specific element-width and element-height, installation vertical or horizontal
  • Melamine resin direct-coating as per collection, optional CPL/HPL coating materials, real wood veneers, paint finishing, steel cases powder-coated in RAL colours or aluminium cases natural E6/EV1 anodized
  • Front-side slotting, joint width 8 – 12 mm; optional hole perforation with metal cases
  • Air-passage element with meandering airflow and oppositely arranged air inlets and outlets
  • Depending on the design, sound insulation and effective length approx. 50-100 m³/hm per linear meter effective length at approx. 10-20 Pa pressure loss
  • Standard-sound-level difference Dn,e,w = 37-50 dB. Sound-insulation test value (surface-dependent) Rw,P = 22-37 dB

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We are at your service.

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