fecodoor glass S70

With a sound insulation test value of Rw,P = 37 dB, the door is an elegant solution for corridor-side flush structural glazing doors in fecostruct glass walls. However, the S70 door leaf with double glazing can also be used flush with the frame on both sides in the 35/50T70 fecoplan frame.

Door frame: Aluminium frame 35/50T70, aluminium frame 35/35, aluminium frame 35/50, aluminium frame 18/50 or aluminium frame 18/0

Door leaf: Structural glazing door leaf with double glazing, door leaf thickness 70 mm, flush-closing with jamb rebate, depending on door frame hinge-side, hinge-opposite side (corridor-side) or flush with door frame/panelling/glazing on both sides

Bonding: Self-supporting structural-glazing bonding of the glass panes on a surrounding door leaf frame, sightline width bonding 50/65 mm (bottom 65/65)

Frame: Made of extruded aluminium profiles, mitred in all 4 corners with 3D corner brackets, system groove on front side for the flush mounting of all fittings

Surface: Door leaf frame natural EV1 anodised aluminium, optionally powder-coated in a standard RAL colour

Glazing: Twin-pane double glazing, all-round edge printing 50/65 mm (bottom 65/65 mm) aluminium colours, optionally in black, glass edges circumferentially ground and polished (KPO), double glazing 2 x 5-8 mm ESG

Sound insulation: Sound insulation test value S70 Rw,P = 37 dB

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