fecodoor glass G10

The all-glass door leaf with 10-mm toughened safety glass meets sound insulation requirements up to Rw,P = 32 dB with maximum transparency.

Door frame: Aluminium frame 35/50T70, aluminium frame 35/35, aluminium frame 35/50, Aluminium frame 18/50 or aluminium frame 18/0

Door leaf: All-glass door leaf made of single-pane safety clear glass (ESG), door leaf thickness 10 mm, surrounding glass edges ground and polished (KPO), centred (35/50T70) in door frame or positioned 30 mm to the outer edge

Door hinges: Commercial glass door triple roll hinges with angular hinge straps, 3D-adjustable, 120-mm high, surface aluminium colour painted or stainless steel satin brushed

Lock: Commercial glass door lock with angular lock case and whisper trap, class 3 according to DIN 18251, prepared for profile cylinder (PC perforation), surface aluminium natural F1 anodised, optionally stainless steel matt brushed

Handle set: Commercial lever handle round or mitre shape, swivel-mounted with round rosettes, class 3 according to DIN EN 1906, surface natural aluminium F1 anodised or stainless steel matt brushed, optional standard lever handle sets

Floor seal: Automatically lowering floor seal at Rw,P= 32 dB, surface aluminium natural EV1 anodised, optionally stainless-steel-coloured anodised

Sound insulation: Sound insulation test values G10 Rw,P = 23/32 dB

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We are at your service.

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