State-of-the-art sound insulation

The wall-flush fecofix double-glazing provides office spaces the right frame and framework with discreet, 20 mm narrow aluminium profiles. The transparency is not even disturbed by a frame joint. The large pane spacing of the double-glazing provides exemplary sound insulation down to Rw,P = 49 dB.

Clean as a whistle – Interior pane surfaces are cleaned at the factory

A special feature of feco double-glazing: It is supplied glazed on both sides. Under cleanest manufacturing conditions, the closed glass elements are produced, transported to the construction site and then mounted. Cleaning of the spaces between the panes at the construction site is a thing of the past. The inner surfaces of the panes are clean. Nonetheless, the fecofix glass elements can be opened, for maintenance purposes without having to disassemble the elements due to the ingenious structural design.

Wall-flush double-glazing

Aluminium glazing frame with a mere circumferential 20 mm facing width

Glazing frame undivided in inter-pane space (no center joint)

Surface aluminium natural anodized or powder-coated in popular RAL color

Interior frame in real wood veneer, natural oak

Outer frame with a mere 20 mm circumferential facing width, powder-coated in black gray

Prefabrication of double-glazed elements at the factory ensures cleanliness of glass interior surfaces

Blinds can be integrated center-lined in inter-pane space

Design possible as fall-protection glazing

Sound-insulation test values of glass wall Rw,P = 39 dB to 49 dB

Sound-insulation test values of top glazing partition wall Rw,P = 39 dB to 50 dB

Fire protection glass wall EI30/F30 as undivided triple-pane glazing to W x H = 1.350 x 3.000 mm

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We are at your service.

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