fecodoor wood H70

The 70-mm aluminium frame wooden door leaf allows for flush doors on the corridor side and is suitable for floor-to-ceiling doors even with concealed frames on the corridor side. Melamine resin directly-coated door leaf surfaces are economical and have proven their worth thousands of times over many years. Real-wood veneers meet the highest design requirements. The door leaves are manufactured in our own factory. Also possible are acoustically-effective door leaf surfaces.

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Door frame: Aluminium frame 35/50T70, door frame 35/50T70 wood, aluminium frame 35/35, aluminium frame 35/50, aluminium frame 18/50, aluminium frame 18/0 or double-rebate aluminium frame 35/50/15

Door leaf: Aluminium frame wooden door leaf, door leaf thickness 70 mm, panelling 2 x 19 mm wood-based panels, door leaf frame made of extruded aluminium profiles, system groove on the face side for the flush mounting of all fittings, sound-insulating insert, flush closing with jamb rebate, depending on door frame flush with door frame/panelling/glazing on the hinge side, on the hinge-opposite side (corridor side) or on both sides

Surface: Melamine resin direct coating according to DIN EN 14 322, optionally HPL laminate according to DIN EN 438 or real wood veneers transparently lacquered

Edges: Panelling all-round 1-mm ABS or thick veneer edge, door leaf frame aluminium natural EV1 anodised, optionally powder-coated in a standard RAL colour

Sound insulation: Sound insulation test values H70 with single rebate door frame Rw,P = 37/40 dB sound insulation test value H70 with double rebate door frame Rw,P = 42 dB


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