fecodoor wood. Naturally.

fecodoor H70 wood door element and fecodoor S70 wood glass door element.

The T70 wood system door frame with an oak real-wood surface fulfils the wishes of many designers for natural surfaces in future-oriented office work environments

Slim profile cross-sections and flush surfaces on both sides.

The special composite design allows for extremely slim profile cross-sections with face widths of just 35/50 mm. At the same time, fecoplan all-glass construction glass panes are integrated laterally. The frame depth of 70 mm creates flush surfaces on both sides with 70-mm-deep system door leaves and emphasizes the plastic effect of the door element in the slim all-glass wall.

T70 wood system door frame

The T70 wood door frame can be designed either door-high with a frame-less glass skylight or room-high with a sliding ceiling connection. All the design variants have a high level of technical detail in common, with three-dimensionally adjustable hinge supports and stainless-steel strike plates. The end-to-end system compatibility allows the use of all-glass doors as well as wood and aluminium frame door leaves.

H70 wood door leaf

To match the T70 wood system door frame, feco offers the fecodoor H70 wood door leaf, which is flush with the surface on both sides and has a real-wood surface in oak. First-class veneers are processed in our own production facilities to produce dimensionally accurate surfaces with coordinated veneer patterns. The use of wood from sustainable forestry s ensured by our certified company throughout the entire value chain.

The fecodoor H70 door element achieves sound insulation values of Rw,P = 37 dB to 40 dB. The door leaf structure optionally allows the formation of acoustically-effective surfaces with slits or microperforations to reduce reverberation times.

S70 wood glass door leaf

Another design variant is the new fecodoor S70 wood glass door. The flush double-glazed structural glazing door leaf captivates with glass panes that extend to the edges of the door leaf and a slim frame positioned behind glass with an oak real-wood finish.

With the new T70 wood system door frame, which reflects the materiality of the inner frame, a sound insulation test value of Rw,P = 37 dB is achieved. The high quality of the system design is underlined by the angular fittings that are flush with the face of the door leaves.

Real-wood surfaces lend natural character to working landscapes.

The product portfolio with real-wood surfaces is supplemented by additional system solutions: fecofix wood, fecostruct wood, fecowall wood.

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