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feco bookazine ‘New Work. New Spaces.’

How to get your office in shape for the future.


The workplace is changing rapidly. The pandemic has shown us how important it is to be flexible and agile in responding to new challenges. This also applies to the design of our workspaces. How do you want to work in the future? How can you design your office in a way that strengthens your corporate culture, promotes collaboration and improves the well-being of your employees? We have explored these questions and put together a 180-page bookazine that will provide you with valuable ideas and inspiration for your individual spatial concept. In the ‘New Work. New Spaces.’ you will learn:

– How to optimise space requirements and increase space efficiency with an activity-oriented spatial concept.

– How to successfully implement your project with a holistic approach to planning.

– How to use system walls to create flexible and varied working environments that adapt to your needs.

– How to increase the productivity and well-being of your employees with good acoustics.

The office of the future is not a uniform space that squeezes all employees into a mould. It is a diverse and lively place that puts people’s needs and wishes at the centre. The office of the future offers:

Space for communication and exchange of knowledge: the office is the place where teams come together, projects are discussed and ideas are developed. This relies on spaces that encourage dialogue and strengthen the corporate culture. System walls can be used to create flexible and inspiring zones that can be designed to be open or closed as required.

Space for concentration and seclusion: The office is also the place where employees can focus on their individual tasks. This relies on rooms that offer peace and privacy, as well as acoustic and visual separation.. System walls can be used to create comfortable and ergonomic workstations that can be adapted to the personal preferences of employees.

Space for activity and movement: After all, the office is the place where employees are comfortable and stay healthy. This relies on spaces that allow for movement and variety, as well as improving the atmosphere and climate. System walls can be used to create attractive spaces that are open to different uses. For example, they can be used as a lounge, canteen or fitness room.

With a holistic approach to planning, you can transform your office into an effective and future-oriented space that adapts to the new world of work. We at feco are happy to support you with our many years of experience and our innovative product portfolio.

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