feco is “Brand of the Century”

The German Standards jury – under the umbrella of the ZEIT publishing house – has exclusively selected feco, making the brand the German Standard for the partition wall product category.

“We have systematised our thinking about the ‘Brands of the Century’ and revised our set of rules. … It discloses the results of the total of three evaluation phases and unequivocally assures the selected brands the unique position as ‘Brand of the Century’ in a specific product category,” says publisher Dr. Florian Langenscheidt. The three evaluation phases are carried out by a jury and are based on selected facts that speak for the success of a brand. In phase 1, the jury is given certain generic terms and suggests the German brands it considers to be leading (E1 = unsupported). Then, in phase 2, the jury looks at the overall result and votes for the proposed brands with a corresponding allocation of points (E2 = supported). Finally, facts about the brand are included in the overall assessment (E3 = facts).

Award with prestige also for international markets.

As “Brand of the Century”, feco is represented in the internationally recognised trademark register “German Standards”. In the 20th anniversary edition, the publishing house DIE ZEIT presents around 200 traditional and innovative German brands like feco, which are emblematic of their respective product genre. Now in its fourth generation, the feco group is a family business. What began in 1893 in the Black Forest with Paul Feederle and his joinery is now an internationally active company with 125 employees. The partition wall systems of the family-run Karlsruhe-based company feco offer answers for contemporary working in the office because they are flexible, modular and relocatable, and with this approach they also complement and individually structure offices in the long term. And with their well thought-out, unobtrusive design, they fit seamlessly into very different office interiors. It is precisely these points that make them sustainable, environmentally friendly systems.

Can partition wall systems in office spaces have something unifying about them?

Anyone who knows how modern office buildings function probably knows the answer already – separated areas can promote a spirit of partnership. Whether for team meetings, undisturbed work at individual desks or in small groups; if the necessary peace and quiet is created, employees are more productive, more efficient and more creative, as they can concentrate on one thing and discuss it without disturbing others or being disturbed themselves.

The feco system. The future requires space.

System partition walls are lightweight, non-loadbearing, unitized and removable interior walls with closed and transparent surfaces made of wood, glass and metal. feco system partition walls meet the highest construction-related requirements in terms of sound insulation, sound absorption, fire protection and statics. In addition to a wide variety of surfaces, the feco system offers a wide range of glazing options for every requirement and every taste. The big advantage of the feco system partition walls is their relocatability. In conjunction with an element system matched to the building grid, rooms can be subsequently adapted to requirements, walls installed and removed or doors exchanged for wall elements.

feco partners worldwide. Unlimited quality.

The principle of establishing international partnerships on different continents has enabled Feco to act globally. Whether in South Korea, Switzerland, Romania, Israel or Nigeria – wherever people work together, they need areas that offer free space while at the same time being able to be relocated without leaving any trace when work structures or team sizes change. There is a section on the company’s website that provides information about becoming a partner and what one has to do in order to become a partner. Partners benefit from Feco’s more than 35 years of experience and the company supports new partners with training sessions and consulting services.

Sustainability. Certified – for our future.

Conservation of resources and sustainability are convictions we live by. feco partition walls can be moved without material loss by reusing all system components. This flexibility enables floor plans to be adapted in a resource-saving way to changed workflows. feco system partition walls have contributed to successful sustainability certification according to DGNB or LEED in numerous reference projects.

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We are at your service.

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